Remote Apple Support

Our Apple Certified Technicians can safely troubleshoot your computer issues from a distance.


Skip the hassle of bringing your problematic computer into our Louisville office. Now you can enjoy all of the benefits of Mac in a Snap’s expert service from anywhere without having to leave the comfort of your home or office.

Remote Mac support has grown in popularity for troubleshooting computer issues, especially since so many people have been working from home due to the Corona Virus (COVID-19). Now, from the comfort of your own home or business, you can let a Mac in a Snap Certified Apple Technician remotely log into your Mac and have them fix most of the issues you are having. We value your privacy and take that responsibility very seriously. We use a very safe app named Splashtop SOS that allows us to control your Mac for only one session by using a unique 9-digit code. We cannot access your computer without you knowing about it.

Remote Apple support from Mac in a Snap is the perfect solution to the likely situation that you need computer support but cannot leave your home or workplace. Give us a call or schedule an appointment today! We are happy to help you resolve your Mac problems from afar.


  • By requesting and accepting a remote session from a Mac in a Snap support representative to remotely assist you with a technical related issue, you accept responsibility for any changes made to the desktop content or system settings.
  • Mac in a Snap does not assume and is not responsible for any liability for the linking and viewing of any desktop content, the operation of the Splashtop SOS software or system performance.
  • Mac in a Snap recommends for your security and privacy that you exit any applications you have open that is displaying content such as personal or confidential information before initiating a remote support session with a support representative.
  • Mac in a Snap further recommends that you remain seated at your desktop throughout the entire remote session.
  • Your data is important to us. It is up to you to ensure that you backup your data on a regular basis. Mac in a Snap will not be held responsible for any data loss if any occurred during or after a remote session.
  • If you require help in setting up a backup procedure for your data please do not hesitate to contact us for further assistance at (502) 553-7777
  • Mac in a Snap continuously undertakes to take the utmost care when in use of your computer. However, Mac in a Snap cannot guarantee that our service will resolve your problem or that attempting to rectify your technical issue will not cause additional problems requiring an on-site call.